I'm calling Nicolas
I was born in November 1989
I live a village of Moisdon-la-Rivière (44 - France)

I have made this site because I like the geography very much. If you will visit this site or if you have already visited it, the maps are created by myself. For example, this of the home page took me 4 hours. All the wonders that I have mentionned are places of the world that I would visit or that I have visited. All these wonders take me to heart. And several of them are well-known however anyone are less famous but this removes nothing to their beauty. I find that the world is full of wonders.

My other reason for the realization of site, it's that I like the computer science. I knew lots of programms but to create sites, i didn't know very much. But I have enormously learnt in watching my father create a site sur ma commune , and also a little at school. I wanted to try the experience... And you have seen or will see the result !

This site is the result of two passions that I like very much. And I hope that it'll make or that it made you dreaming...

Profit to visit the site of my little sister.




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